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November 17 Weekend Fishing Report

Weekend Weather:

Conditions offshore will be marginal, the forecast is for 15 – 20kts from the east with 1 – 1.5m of easterly swell.
The Pt Lookout Wave Rider Buoy is offline again so it’s hard to get an accurate indicator of what it’s like out there.
Take a good long look at any bar before you cross, easterly swell is always an issue in our waters.


The new moon is on Saturday so we have fairly big tides, at this time of year the really big tides are on the full moon. Tidal flow will be around 75% of the years biggest in the morning, decreasing to 50-60% in the afternoon and night on both Saturday and Sunday.
Solunar peaks are excellent and well worth targeting, especially on Sunday

Saturday – 75% Solunar Peak at 11.20am, 11.40pm

Sunday – 100% Solunar Peak at 12.10pm

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What’s Biting


Whiting and flathead have dominated estuary catches this week, very few mulloway or mangrove jack reported.
Whiting are in good numbers in the Nerang River, Broadwater and feeder creeks as well as Jumpinpin, but no the Logan, it’s still brown.
Flathead have been best in the channels leading towards the Pin Bar and Seaway on the bottom of the tide.
On the top of the tide they are moving up into the shallows around the mouth of smaller drains and creeks.
There’s a few bull sharks turning up in the Logan above Carbrook but catfish and eels are still dominating results.
Better results have been around Marks Rocks on the top of the tide.
No mud crabs numbers reported, just the odd few by those putting in the effort however there’s been good catches of sandies in the Bay, even a few in the northern Broadwater.
Still slow fishing on the artificial reefs, West Peel on the turn of the tide has been the pick but you don’t have much time until the tide picks up making it un-fishable.
There’s still a few threadies coming from the Brisbane River but the action has been closer to the mouth around the cranes reclamation walls and shipping beacons.
There are spotties and school mackerel in the Bay but you’ll probably do a lot of looking before you find them.
The most consistent area has been off the Sand Hills on the bottom end of Moreton Island.

Wayne Koppens with a 112cm threadfin caught at the mouth of the Brisbane River

Grant Beevers with his hands full of coral trout fishing the Swains Reef


Current has been an issue for the past week, some days over 2 knots making it very difficult to fish.
The Brisbane Wave Rider Buoy is still AWOL so it is difficult to judge swell and current before you head offshore.
Snapper are still in good numbers in 90 – 100m of water. There’s also been some pearlies on the deeper reefs as well.
On the shallower reefs the quality drops off, small pickers dominate but if you persist there’s plenty of tuskfish on the bite.
Last weekend there were a few wahoo caught, the weekend before a few Spanish mackerel so it might be worth chasing pelagic fish this weekend.
Top technique would probably to slow troll livies around any rocky headland or exposed reef areas.

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Tom Thorley with a Murray cod caught trolling at Glenlyon Dam


Tough week on most impoundments, even NPD was slow or should I say the fish were hard to find, if you found a school the action was on.
Barely a legal fish found at Somerset and Wivenhoe, redclaw were also slow with most averaging a dozen a night out of four traps.
Western dams faired better with good catches of yellowbelly and small cod in Copeton and Glenlyon.