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March 16 Weekend Fishing Report

Weekend Weather:

Sunday looks like the slightly bette day this weekend, Sat forecast is 10 – 15 from the SE, Sun 10kts NE. The swell is slowly dropping, down to two meters Fri morning but it is from the east so what bar crossings. There’s about one knot of current from the south off Pt Lookout and no rain forecast over the weekend at this stage.


The new moon is on Saturday so big tides this weekend. Tidal flow will be around 70% of the year’s biggest in the morning and around 60% in the afternoon and evening on both Sat and Sun this weekend. Solunar peaks are good but with all the dirty water around I doubt they will have much effect on fish feeding activity.

Saturday – 75% Solunar Peak at 11.40am

Sunday – 100% Solunar Peak at 12.10am, 12.30pm


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What’s Biting


Waterways are still suffering the effect of recent rains, it will take months for the Logan to clean up, other waterways will clear quicker. Top spot for land based anglers is still the Southport Seaway and Broadwater. Even though the Bayside foreshores don’t look too bad in most areas, reports of good catches have been far and few between. There’s quite a few pesky small bream around in all rivers and creeks providing they are not chocolate brown.
There’s been a few bull sharks caught around the mouth of the Logan and in the Brisbane River.
Target species have been threadfin and mulloway and the top spot has been the Brisbane River.
The southern Bay and northern Pin is pretty dirty, almost no reports of good catches in these areas. The better results are from cleaner water.
Boaties in the Bay reported the shallows around Mud and Green turning up a few grassies and bream, the artificial reefs are producing small snapper and mulloway.
There are prawns around, and some very thick schools resulting in a bucket in only a few casts but you need to find them. They way to do that is use your sounder and look for deep holes, especially around Lamb and Karragarra islands. I wouldn’t venture into the dirty water coming out of the Logan, it seems to have forced them north into deeper holes.
There’s been good reports of tailor in the surf in northern NSW, Sth Ballina to Potsville has produced some good catches this week.

Marcus Adel with a mulloway caught slow hopping a vibration lure
Rod Workshop
Rod Workshop


Offshore fishing days have been far and few between, therefore it’s hard to know what to predict for this weekend. Current is around one knot off Pt Lookout so easily fishable if it stays that way.
I’m not sure of the water quality in the shallows, if it’s dirty it may have driven the pelagic fish wider.
On the bottom I suspect fishing to be good, pearlies, small snapper, tuskfish ect will make up the majority of the catch

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Darren Chong with a bass caught trolling a local impoundment


Freshwater fishing has been great since the rains, all impoundments have improved.
Maroon is producing excellent numbers of bass, most around 35 – 40cm with the odd bigger yellowbelly. NPD is still putting on big catches, lots of bass caught in Hinze as well. Redclaw numbers have improved a lot, most reporting it is now worth a trip targeting them.

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